We welcome patients from all nations to our doctor‘s office!
Our team of doctors offers individualized direct patient care.

Dr. med Türkan Aygül
Specialist for general medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy and nourishing medicine

Dr. med. Peter Ripp
Specialist for general medicine,  Sports medicine

Bashir Ahmad Masudy
Specialist for general medicine

Zahra Sheikhi 
Doctor in general medicine

Aliya Fazili
Doctor in general medicine

The treatment takes place either in German, Turkish, English, Russian or Arabic.

Our services include Basic General Practitioner Care, the treatment of acute illnesses or injuries, preventive medical examinations as for example Health Check-Ups, cancer prevention control, skin cancer examination, vaccinations, Youth Health Prevention Services, Youth industrial-safety regulations Check-Ups, basic psychosomatic care and structured programs for chronic illnesses. In this case, there is special emphasis on the treatment with acupuncture.