Basic GP (General practitioner) Care

During our consultation hours, every patient is given individual advice.

General practitioners (GP) are usually the first institution providing medical care concerning all medical questions for the entire family. All acute diseases or injuries are treated. Furthermore, minor surgery for small wounds is provided. In addition, GPs are responsible for the treatment of the elderly and patients with chronic illnesses.

Patients with acute pains, as for example back pain or migraines, are given an individual therapy with the help of infusions. Infiltration therapy is especially effective in case of painful muscular hardening.

Being in contact and working with other doctors enables us to have all important information about the patient ‘s record of illness so that no information is forgotten or lost.
Through preoperative diagnosis (laboratory test, electrocardiogram, if applicable ergometry) the suitability for anesthesia can be determined.
Another major part of the GP workforce are preventive medical check-ups and an vaccination consultation.
Please remember to bring along your chip-card on your first visit during the quarter. Otherwise, a treatment is only possible in case of severe emergencies.

Our office is open year-round, even during school vacation. Our team of doctors work very trustfully and represent each other in case of holiday or sick leave.